Alberto Jose Sanchez was born in 1979 in Caracas, Venezuela, where he grew up. While showing much interest in painting and other plastic arts since an early age, he attended the Metropolitan University of Venezuela and graduated with a degree in Business in 2003. During his studies, he maintained his contact with the artistic world.  His passion for art led him years later to study contemporary art at the Metropolitan University.

As a young artist, Alberto started experimenting with different techniques and materials. He was particularly interested in kinetic art; he explored this art form extensively. The main source of inspiration for this period was Maestro Carlos Cruz-Diez, whom Alberto would   meet and visit at his Art Studio in Paris, France many years later.

In 2007 Alberto began to develop pieces with an optical abstract-geometric character; this is the moment in his artistic development when he found his real passion. His pieces are based on bi-dimensional geometric figures, which suggest and generate tri-dimensional formations as a result of the use of contrasting colors and shadows.  

In 2017, Alberto received an Award from the Madi Dallas Museum at the Biennial of Geometric Art.


                 2014 During Miami Art Basel Week, Sanchez created and installed a public work, a 40mts (130 feet) mural, located in Wynwood.
·         2015 Solo exhibition, Virtual Shadows. Wynwood Miami.
·         2015 Group exhibition, Emergent. Wynwood Miami.
·         2015 Houston Fine Art Fair.
·         2015 The Autism Foundation Charity Auction. Caracas, Venezuela.
·         2015 Barcu-Bogota Art Fair, Colombia.
·         2015 FIAAM Maracaibo, Venezuela.
·         2015 The Foundation of the Hospital San Juan de Dios Charity Auction
·         2015 Group exhibition, CONFIA. Caracas, Venezuela.
·         2015 Solo exhibition, Illusionary Structures. Caracas, Venezuela.
·         2015 Pinta Art Miami Fair. Wynwood, Miami.
·         2015 Hospital Orthopedic Infantil Charity Auction. Caracas, Venezuela.
·         2016 Art Wynwood Fair. Wynwood, Miami.
·         2016 Group exhibition, Latin American Art. Maracaibo, Venezuela
·         2016 Lima Art Fair. Lima, Peru.
·         2016 Art New York Fair. 
·         2016 Public Mural in Altamira (60Mts), Caracas, Venezuela.
·         2016 Periodism Foundation Charity Auction. Caracas, Venezuela.
·         2016 Public Mural (15Mts) in Dominican Republic
·         2016 Solo exhibition, Dialectic. Wynwood Miami.
·          2016 Public Mural (80Mts) in Valencia, Venezuela
·         2016 Pinta Art Miami Fair. Wynwood, Miami.
·         2016 Context Art Fair. Miami.
·         2017 Art Wynwood Fair. Miami.
·         2017 Charity Auction. Carolina Herrera Foundation. Caracas, Venezuela.
·         2017 Grup Exhibition. 40 years of Geometry. Lima, Peru.
·         2017 Art Lima Fair. Peru.
·         2017 Biennial. Origins in Geometry. Madi Museum. Dallas, USA. 2nd place award
·         2017 Public Mural in Fat Village (80Mts), Fort Lauderdale, USA.
·         2017 Group Exhibition. Ranivilu Gallery. Wynwood, USA.
·         2017 Barcu-Bogota Art Fair, Colombia.
·         2017 The Autism Foundation Charity Auction. Caracas, Venezuela.
·         2017 Fundana Foundation Charity Auction. Caracas, Venezuela.
·         2017 Fontainebleau Public Mural, Miami.
·         2017 Pinta Art Miami Fair. Wynwood, Miami.
·         2017 Hotel Marriott Mural, Miami
·         2017 Frost Museum Illumia Interactive Installation. Miami
·         2018 Art Palm Beach Fair. Florida
·         2018 Art Wynwood Fair. Miami.
·         2018 Art Lima Fair. Perú
·         2018 Hospital Ortopédico Infantil Mural. Venezuela
·         2018 Fort Lauderdale Coral Ridge Mural, USA.
·         2018 Fort Lauderdale City Mural, USA.
·         2018 Solo Exhibition, Imaginart Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.
·         2018 Texas Contemporary Art Fair. Houston, Estados Unidos.
·         2018 Art Fair Barcu. Bogotá, Colombia.
·         2018 Solo Exhibition in Lima. Gallery Weekend, Graphicart-Lima
·         2018 Art Miami Fair. Estados Unidos.
·         2019 Solo Exhibition ¨Perceptions¨. Galería Ginocchio. CDMX, México.
·         2019 Art Lima Fair. Perú
·         2019 Exhibition Armonías Cromáticas Centro de Artes Integradas.
·         2019 Exhibition ¨Fondo de Galería¨. Imaginart Gallery. Barcelona, España.
·         2019 Salon Realites Nouvelles. Paris, France.
·         2019 Art Miami Fair. United States.
·         2020 Art Palm Beach. United States.
·         2021 Art Paris, Galerie La Ligne. Grand Palais Ephemere.
·         2021 Exposición ¨Spacial-Dynamic¨ Galerie La Ligne, Zürich, Suiza.
·         2022 Art Paris, Galerie La Ligne. Grand Palais Ephemere
·         2022 Exposición ¨Geometría Diversa¨ CTIVE y Graphicart, Venezuela
·         2022 Exposición ¨Formless Form¨ Mash Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

"With my work I seek to generate a  three dimensional sensory impact through the fusion of reason and visual logic. Shapes and lines in a plane define the structure of the work, that when combined with the proper application of shadows and colors, create the impression of the third dimension and the unreal space. Virtual shadows become a crucial element of my work, highlighting the subjectivity of the three dimensions. 

 I want to get into the spectator conscience, trying to generate a different perception from reality. I want to create dialectics between what he sees and what is actually there, to generate an additional pleasure, more than the esthetic pleasure"

Alberto Jose Sanchez